I'm Frank Anthony!

Independent film maker and photographer by way of Texas. I have been freelancing for the past five years and my love for shooting and creating has taken me all over and allowed me to connect and work for some the most incredible hard working and talented people across many industries. Feel free to scroll through my portfolio and see some of those accomplishments. I am here to meet my client needs by collaborating and empowering you whether you are an individual artist or business looking to promote their brand or if you need simple photo work to capture that special occasion. Hope to be of service!

From grass-roots


My journey started in college at the University of Houston where I found my first love for film making and all things cinema. On client video shoots I would get asked often if I took photos as well where I would kindly decline and say, "I'm sorry I only do video work". How foolish I was. Eventually, I got tired of saying "no" and soon began doing photography work all over. It was then that I found my second love. The rest is history.

Creating powerful imagery

for people, artists, and brands since 2015.

The Process

01. Connect

Your first step is to reach out! Lets connect. I'd love to hear your vision and story.

Share your story

02. Conceptualize

Have a special occasion or brand to share with the world and promote? Have an idea yet for it? If not, no worries! From the simple to the most creatively demanding of tasks we got you covered in this stage of conceptualizing your vision.

Develop Your Vision

03. Create

Now here comes the real fun! Let's shoot!

Bring it to life